Keeping up with the pace and complexity of modern technology requires a turnkey manufacturing company with years of experience and a dedication to quality. Applied Engineering has worked with OEMs since 1979, providing turnkey manufacturing services from our facility in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Why Choose Applied Engineering as Your Turnkey Manufacturing Company?

Applied Engineering has the infrastructure, technology, and expertise to accommodate the most advanced manufacturing processes. We work with OEMs from the development stage through to full production, ensuring you receive the quality products you expect.
We can make design recommendations concerning the manufacturability, safety, cost, and the ergonomics of your products. Our modern facility has a variety of manufacturing capabilities, while our engineering and technical staff have extensive experience in most major industry sectors.


To ensure we can deliver according to the most exacting specifications, AE uses the latest tools, technologies, and precision machines throughout the process.
Our turnkey manufacturing services during development and prototyping stages include:

  • Developing the manufacturing process instructions (MPI) or reviewing existing processes

  • Establishing an accurate bill of materials (BOM)

  • Vendor identification, evaluation, selection, approval, and procurement

  • Process specification for manufacturing and assembly, including process control and management

  • Assembly and manufacturing process documentation

  • Inbound logistics testing and inspection

  • Product assembly and manufacturing, test, QA, inventory and shipping

For full production, AE’s turnkey manufacturing capabilities include:

  • Manufacturing and engineering support for every step of the production lifecycle

  • Component inventory management, sourcing, warehousing, and part or material kitting

  • Quality assurance, product testing, and product inventory management

  • Outbound logistics including shipping and delivery


If you’re an OEM looking to outsource some or all of your manufacturing requirements, there are many benefits of working with Applied Engineering. We already have the infrastructure and tools in place to cater to a variety of products, including a cleanroom manufacturing space for Class 10,000 to Class 100 according to the FTE 209E standard.
The major benefits of working with AE include:

  • You don’t need to replicate the process in-house

  • It may not be economically viable to produce your product internally

  • A reduced total cost of ownership using our manufacturing efficiency

  • Decreased cash flow pressure with an agreement between the parties (minimizing product financing)

  • Improved speed-to-market, order fulfillment, and product inventory management

Turnkey Manufacturing Markets AE Serves

We work with a variety of clients in all spheres of the electromechanical and technology industries. AE serves customers in medical device assembly, semiconductor capital equipment, automation and robotics, defense, optics, and data storage industries. For emerging technologies, we’ve also developed and manufactured such products as 3D printing solutions, robotics and material handling products, food preparation, sensing modules, and vertical farming automation tools.

Partner with an Advanced Turnkey Manufacturing Company in San Jose, CA

Our team of dedicated professionals remains committed to your product and business success. We strive to take all the hassle out of your manufacturing process, deliver superior customer service, and forge a lasting business relationship for mutual benefit. For OEMs looking for a turnkey manufacturing solution in San Jose / Silicon Valley, AE is 100% employee-owned and possesses all the capabilities required for producing the most complex products.

To find out more about Applied Engineering’s turnkey manufacturing services or to request a quote, call us on (408) 286-2134 or email us at Alternatively, you can complete our contact form and we’ll get in touch with you.