We provide contract quality manufacturing services for complex capital equipment used in semiconductor fabrication, process control, and substrate inspection. Our business model is well-suited for prototype production, volume production, and batch-driven assembly. Many of the tools and sub-assemblies we make for semiconductors and displays are made in a clean room that is either Class 10,000 or Class 100 according to ISO standards. Applied Engineering has a strong flexible manufacturing capacity and ISO-level quality control, which allows us to support our customer’s production ramps in this dynamic market.

Recent Manufacturing Projects:

  • Laser Base Wafer Process Tool

  • Advanced Packaging Automation & Inspection

  • E-Beam Column Assembly

  • 200mm Front End Wafer Automation Platform

  • Back-end Semi Equipment

  • Precision Coil Assembly for Wafer Prober

  • 300mm CVD Process Tool

  • High Precision Stages for Gen 8 & 10 Manufacturing Automation

  • Heat Exchangers for Gen 8 Process Module

  • Automated Platform for Gen 8 Head Cleaning Module

Partnering to help you scale

With over 40 years of experience, we are here to help your prototype builds and provide semiconductor engineering or manufacturing services.