Applied Engineering provides aerospace manufacturing and assembly services to our clients at our San Jose, California manufacturing facility. In business since 1979, AE has developed the experience, capabilities, and certifications to manufacture and assemble parts and systems for aerospace and defense products.

AE’s Quality Management System is certified under SAE’s AS9100:2016 standard for aerospace manufacturing. We are also certified under ISO 9001:2015 for QMS in general manufacturing and registered with ITAR and UL.


If you need an OEM-quality replacement part or are building a new aerospace system, AE specializes in prototyping and producing single units. We produce electromechanical parts, controller assemblies, computing and data storage devices, networking equipment, and semiconductors for the aerospace industry.

AE can provide aerospace manufacturing services to your business including:

  • Product design and engineering support

  • Contract assembly

  • Contract assembly manufacturing

  • Subcontractor manufacturing

  • OEM production and assembly

  • Prototyping single units or production quantities

  • Small volume contract manufacturing

  • Large volume contract manufacturing

Aerospace Manufacturing Capabilities

AE has the precision tooling to consistently meet the tolerances required for aerospace manufacturing. Our  machine shop can machine exotic materials used in aerospace applications. We have CNC machines to produce any complex parts needed for your aerospace system. We also have the equipment to solder and braze parts.

We understand the importance of avoiding contamination in aerospace systems. Our facility in Silicon Valley has 1,000 square feet of manufacturing floor rated as class 100 and class 1,000 clean room space. For larger plant builds, AE can dedicate additional clean room manufacturing space.

Aerospace Manufacturing Systems Certifications

AE’s QMS is certified under SAE’s AS9100:2016 standard for aerospace manufacturing. We are also certified under ISO 9001:2015 for QMS in general manufacturing and registered with ITAR and UL. Our approach to QMS ensures that the quality of the final product is considered in every step of the planning and execution of the manufacturing process.

We have two Zeiss CMMs to measure finished and semi-finished parts to ensure they meet your business’s specifications before they leave our manufacturing facility. Our QMS and advanced testing and measuring equipment provide assurance that all products leaving our manufacturing and assembly facility meet your business’s specifications.

Just as important as the QMS in place are the people who implement it. AE is 100% employee owned. This structure gives every employee throughout the company the incentive to produce quality parts for your aerospace business.

Aerospace Manufacturing Projects

AE has brought its experience, capabilities, and certifications to many aerospace projects such as:

  • UAV manufacturing and assembly

  • Drone manufacturing and assembly

  • Precision coils for aerospace

  • Electromechanical box builds for aerospace


If your business has developed a manufacturing build plan, we will implement your layout just as you envisioned it. If you need help developing a manufacturing process for your aerospace parts, we can develop a manufacturing layout and test the process for manufacturability and production flow.

AE values flexibility and technology in manufacturing. When your needs call for volume, we can provide automated assembly lines to meet your production needs. On the other hand, if you need a single unit or prototype built, we can use manual or automated manufacturing processes.

Whether your project requires engineering support to design products and manufacturing processes or just requires a contract manufacturer to implement your existing manufacturing plans, AE can help your aerospace business produce the products to meet your aerospace business’s goals.

To request a quote for aerospace manufacturing services, call us at (408) 286-2134, send us an email, or use our contact form.